Study of early outcome of Austin Moore’s prosthesis in fracture neck femur in elderly

Study of early outcome of Austin Moore’s prosthesis


  • Vraj J Patel orthopedics
  • Vivek A Patel
  • Tej Rudani
  • Vishal Pushkarna


Fracture neck femur, Hemiarthroplasty, Austin Moore prosthesis


Introduction: Femoral neck fractures, one of the most common injuries in the elderly and its prevalence has increased with improvement in life expectancy, increased incidence of osteoporosis, and changes inlifestyle leading to sedentary habits. In last four decades hip arthroplasty is evolved as the best treatment for intra capsular fracture neck of femur in elderly in terms of both short-term and long-term results.However, it is still not popular as a first treatment modality because of complications like dislocations and higher morbidity associated with the procedure and also cost. This study is design to gain a deeper understanding of the results and problems associated with this procedure and complications like thigh pain, stem loosening and peri prosthetic fractures.
Materials and Methods: A prospective study was carried out at G K General Hospital, Bhuj during the period of August 2019 to July 2020. 22 patients satisfying the inclusion criteria like Intra- capsular fracture of the neck of femur and aged above 60 years were included in the study.While patients with pathological fractures, arthritic changes involving the acetabulum, below 60 years of age, not willing for surgery and medically unfit for surgery were excluded from the study.

Results: Out of total 22 patients majority of patients (90.9%) had transcervical type of fracture. Commonest time of presentation of patients were after 72 hours and average delay in surgery after injury was 12 days.Early postoperative complications like shortening, superficial infection, deep vein thrombosis was seen. However, no late postoperative complications like loosening, dislocation, erosion, calcar resorption, protrusioacetabuli or periprosthetic fracture were found. Progressive improvement in Harris Hip Score seen at each follow up visit with average final score at one year was 84.53 with a maximum score of 93 and a minimum score of 65.8.

Conclusion: Hemiarthroplasty using Austin Moore prosthesis for fractures of the femoral neck provides freedom from pain, better range of movement and more rapid return to unassisted activity with an acceptable complication rate.




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